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who we are

Women Win is a women’s fund guided by the vision of a future where every girl and woman exercises their rights. We achieve our vision through our 3 main areas of work:

Through GRLS we focus on achieving gender equity in an through sport and play.
Win Win Strategies Women Win Playground
Through Win-Win Strategies we aim to advance women’s economic empowerment in the supply chain.
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Through Innovating Philanthropy we foster new, feminist and decolonized funding mechanisms.


Women Win supports all girls, women, non-binary people, and more intentionally those from minority and underrepresented communities such as black, indigenous, mestizas, people of colour, and the LGBTQI+ community. Throughout our work, we take a partnership approach. In our programmes, we strengthen partners’ capacity, and we redistribute funds to people, groups and organisations that are true experts in their contexts.

Additionally, we learn and play every day and encourage others to join our playground. Knowledge is power. But only if it is shared. The Learning Playground is the place where all our learnings are open-sourced. We hope it starts debates, sparks ideas and kick-starts action. Do get in touch with your thoughts and questions, and follow us for more knowledge!