Seed Grant Programme Design

Girls, women and non-binary people are powerful agents of change but there is a lack of investment in sport initiatives designed and delivered by them. Seed grant programmes, which provide funding, resources and accompaniment, are a great way to invest in grassroot, community-based projects championed by young women.

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Explore the topic

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the visibility of youth-led activism, with girls and women working tirelessly to address diverse issues, drive change and transform their communities. Seed-grant programmes support the leadership development of young women and accompanies them on their journeys. There are several advantages in offering this type of programme including:

  • transferable skills
  • improved physical and mental health
  • greater economic opportunities, and
  • access to a wide support network
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The Feminist Sports Champion Toolkit hopes to contribute to the relentless and resilient organising of girls, women and non-binary people around the world by providing support and guidance to organisations looking to support their initiatives by offering seed-grant programmes. This toolkit acts as a guide for organisations looking to promote gender equity.

Experience on the ground
Experience on the ground

The Feminist Sports Champions Toolkit was inspired by our collaborations with Gurls Talk and Nike through the Made to Play Fund, and Skateistan through the ROLL Models programme. Both of these aimed to strengthen the leadership of coaches through a leadership development programme, along side seed-grants for the coaches to implement their own sports programmes for girls. Meet some of these coaches below!


Meet Mbali Dlamini, one of the Made to Play fund coaches from Soweto, South Africa. She currently coaches girls in an after school netball programme she runs in collaboration with Altus Sport. With the seed grant she received from Made to Play, she expanded the sports available within her programme to also include cricket and football. Mbali uses sport to build the confidence of the participating girls, who often experience low self-esteem and body confidence. Mbali herself had experienced these issues and wanted to share how sport had helped her to improve her own confidence


Meet Ilaria, one of the 2021 ROLL Models, based in Italy. With funding from ROLL Models, she brought together skateboarders and WXMX skateboarders for several skate jams in Rome, working to make skateboarding a more inclusive space and raising awareness about skateboarding with disabilities.

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Experience on the ground

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