Strenghtening Grassroot Movements

Movement and network building is looking at strengthening the feminist, gender and human rights movements by building capacity in grass roots organisations. It is also about looking at collective impact and how as a network of funds, individuals and organisations, real change can be achieved.

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In highly volatile and uncertain times, organisations need to strengthen their resilience in order to cope effectively with sudden disruptions and incremental changes. Resilience will be critical in the coming years as organisations try to adapt and survive in an evolving global market in order to be become sustainable and viable.

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The Organisational Resilience course

The Organisational Resilience course aims to support organisations in responding to unexpected events and to strengthen their ability to turn crises into a source of strategic opportunity. Through its modules and associated tools, this course will support organisations in addressing challenges whether they are strategic, financial, programmatic or related to resource mobilisation.

The course consists of four modules. The first one focuses on your organisation’s Strategic Planning, the second module on Financial Sustainability, the third module on Resource Mobilisation and finally, the fourth module focuses on Programmatic Scenario Planning.

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