Gender-Responsive Supply Chains

Women form the backbone of many industries around the world, but their rights are often not respected. Gender-responsive supply chains demonstrate the importance of advancing and embedding gender equity in all aspects of the supply chain. This is not only necessary for the women and other marginalised workers, but also for the growth and sustainability of businesses and industries at large.

Explore the Topic
Explore the topic

Gender-responsive supply chains are essential for guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of businesses, and whole industries. On this page, you will find more information about how to add a gender lens to human rights due diligence, and the value it brings to business. We also highlight the importance of centring marginalised workers voices within this process.

In this journey through Gender-Responsive Supply Chains we will encourage you to:

  1. Grow your understanding of what it means to build Gender-Responsive Supply Chains and why this is important for the women in supply chains as well as the positive business impact it can generate.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the practical hands-on tools that are available to support you in this journey.
  3. Think about ways you can inspire others as impact is bigger when achieved together.
Dive into the tools

The Gender-Responsive Due Diligence platform supports companies in adding a gender lens to human rights due diligence. The platform offers practical information, tools, resources, and case studies to show the value and potential of implementing GRDD.

The GRDD platform helps companies to actively manage any adverse human rights impacts in international supply chains in a way that responds to the needs of all people, and specifically women.


Corporations are well positioned not only to promote gender equality and empower women in their workplaces and communities, but also through their purchasing policies and practices. This course will equip companies with the information and tools to help implement and assess gender-responsive procurement policies in the business.


Drawing the Line is a play-based tool that pulls women workers’ voices to the forefront when it comes to their rights and wellbeing in the workplace. Through illlustrated cards and facilitated conversations, women workers prioritise theirneeds and identify potential solutions. Conducted in a safe environment, the tool is facilitated and contextualised by trained WROs.

Experience on the ground
Experience on the ground

The Building Bridges for Women’s Economic Empowerment programme has a specific focus on women workers in the Kenyan floriculture supply chain. Learn the methods and tools that this programme uses that sustain and empower the women working in this global supply chain.

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Explore the Topic
Experience on the ground

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