Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing has increasingly become a significant topic to address among girls, women, and non-binary people through sport, play, and movement. Mental wellbeing in this context refers to a state in which an individual realizes their own abilities to cope with the daily stressors of life. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing.

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Explore the topic

Mental wellbeing is vital to our individual and collective ability to think, interact with one another, create livelihoods and thrive. Across the world, mental health issues are becoming more prevalent among adolescent girls and nonbinary youth, with depression being the leading cause of illness among adolescents globally.

The prevalence of these issues has driven the development of tools and resources that support groups and individuals working with adolescent girls and nonbinary youth to address mental health wellbeing within different contexts and communities.

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The Mental Health and Wellbeing toolkit is for coaches who want to incorporate practices that support their participants mental health and wellbeing through their sports program. It includes information about the intersection of mental health and wellbeing, sport, and gender, as well as coaching strategies and activities to promote mental wellbeing.

This tool has been created with case studies and input from partners who are working to address mental wellbeing through sport and play with adolescent girls, young women, and nonbinary youth around the world. Take a look into the work being done by other organisations to address mental health stigma, support their participants wellbeing, and empower the next generation of girls to thrive.

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