Sport is an incredibly powerful tool with unique elements that are instrumental in developing the leadership of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW). Sport cultivates the leadership skills inherent in AGYW, creates an enabling environment in which they can practice leadership skills, and allows them to actively use their knowledge and skills to drive change in their own lives and in their community.

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Explore the topic

Leadership can be thought of as a set of skills, behaviours, and attitudes that can be learned, practised, and refined through experience, mentorship, and education. There are multiple ways that sport can support the leadership development of AGYW. One of these ways is by providing a safe space for these players to take risks, be vulnerable with one another and share their stories. Telling your story, in your own words, is power. Using your voice to inspire others in your community is an important and transformative leadership skill.

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Women Win’s Digital Storytelling Workshop equips young women with communication and leadership skills and a platform for amplifying their voice. The output is a 2-4 minute video story created over the course of several days. The focus on the workshop is on the process of finding voice and building skills, not the final product. The storytellers, AGYW themselves, have ultimate control over the medium – words, images and audio – with a focus on lived experience.

The Digital Storytelling Toolkit gives individuals and organizations an overview of the history, purpose and impact of the digital storytelling workshop. The toolkit includes resources such as session guides, agendas and important considerations that will help design and implement these workshops in your local community.

Experience on the ground
Experience on the ground

We all know that the stories of girls’ sport achievement and impact are rarely told. They exist. Women Win is committed to not just telling those stories, but helping build the skill and leadership of girls to tell their own. By increasing visibility of adolescent girls and young women through the digital stories, more female role mod-els emerge who, in turn, have the potential to inspire more women on a community, national or even global level. Women Win Digital Storytelling trainers have delivered over 30 work-shops in five continents to more than 750 participants. We have delivered DST workshops to children, adolescents, community leaders and NGO staff, however we predominantly use DST to engage with marginalised young women. Our DST methodology has been adapted and contextualized to suit diverse populations, especially in under developed regions, and offers a platform from which these women’s voices can be amplified. Watch and listen below.

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Knowledge is power. But only if it is shared. At Women Win, we learn and play every day and encourage others to join our learning playground.  The Learning Playground is the place where all our learnings are open-sourced. We hope it starts debates, sparks ideas, and kick-starts action. We organise our learning in 3 steps: Explore, Dive-in, and Experience.

Explore the Topic
Experience on the ground

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