Democratising Philanthropy

Democratising Philanthropy is about focusing on reallocating and redistributing power over decision making and resources. Placing local experts at the centre to be empowered and engaged decision makers in philanthropic processes

Explore the Topic
Explore the topic

The democratisation of philanthropy is anchored in the core value that grantmaking processes should be ethical and decolonised i.e. enabling communities and their representatives to participate in the grant’s management. It focuses on reallocating and redistributing power over decision making and resources. See the Democratising Philanthropy Playbook for more information.

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Democratising Philanthropy Playbook -This playbook is an overview of functions and roles in democratised funding models including shared governance and participatory grantmaking approaches. It also includes some case study examples to highlight how the methodologiesare applied.

Experience on the ground
Experience on the ground

Click below to readexamples of how democratisingphilanthropy methodologies have been used in different funds. This is a process that is constantly being modified and reviewed to adjust to the unique conditions and

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