Dive in Democratising Philanthropy

We deeply believe that democratising and decolonising philanthropy is an ongoing process, that can have multiple modalities and applications. The Women Win team modifies and implements models based on the unique conditions and constraints that each fund represents to be able to continually evolve and further develop purposeful practices in philanthropy.

Dive into the tool

Many organisations around the world have started adopting shared governance models. These models focus on:

  • How the governance structure is established
  • Who participates on the governing board
  • How its members are selected
  • How decisions are made
  • Using traditional or participatory grant-making models (If grant making decisions are made separately)

Below is a brief introduction to different elements of shared governance models and how they can shift power and move away from traditional forms of philanthropy.

Functions & Roles in Democratised Funding Models:
For the Democratised Funding models to succeed and be effective, there are specific methodologies that can be used.

our approach

to learning

Knowledge is power. But only if it is shared. At Women Win, we learn and play every day and encourage others to join our learning playground.  The Learning Playground is the place where all our learnings are open-sourced. We hope it starts debates, sparks ideas, and kick-starts action. We organise our learning in 3 steps: Explore, Dive-in, and Experience.


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